Pink Coffee
Helping others while helping ourselves get caffeinated
Pink Coffee is dedicated to helping the victims and caregivers of breast cancer victims, a malady which affects 1 in 8 people worldwide. 
Pink Coffee is dedicated to helping victims of breast cancer, a malady which affects 1 in 8 people worldwide.  This means that you know someone who has a friend or family member who is fighting breast cancer, or in remission, waiting for the next onslaught of the disease.
The illness is often painless, but the treatments can be horrible.  Not only do the ill feel awful, but it is frequently difficult on those close to them.  Let's face it, when you feel rotten, you aren't exactly a candidate for winning a personality contest.
Sometimes, the caregiver needs help, too.  This is an epidemic which affects everyone around the cancer victim.  Probably even you.
Pink Coffee works to help those who help, through education, supplementary payments and assisting with the funding of innovative alternative treatments for the most hopeless of cases.
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